Social Media Tactical Plan

Every business it is unique and special.

Even if we were to talk about 4 companies that offer the same service, every single one of them has a different brand mantra and a different value proposition.

Therefore every single one of them has a particular reason on how to handle their communications

The main objective of writing a tactical plan is to make transparent and clear, what will be the objectives to accomplish in a given time and to clarify what actions are going to be taken and with what metrics are they going to be measured.

By doing this our clients understand the importance of the work that is going to be done, their role and involvement and the part that the consultant is going to develop for them.

Feel free to contact me so I can better understand your needs.

The social media tactical plans can develop any combination of tree or more of the following:

Web page Bookmarking / Tagging
Blog ·         Reddit
Social networks ·         Digg
·         Facebook ·         Stumble upon
·         Linked in Photo Sharing
·         Google + ·         Flickr
·         Pinterest ·         Facebook photo gallery
Geotagging ·         Your blog
·         Foursquare ·         Google Plus and Picasa albums
Microblogging ·         Instagram
·         Twiter Presentation sharing
Online video ·         SlideShare
·         YouTube
·         Viadeo

Here is an example.Every part will come with a short term goal explanation and a key metric to observe.

Slide Share (2012), commented about this presentation:
Social media tactical plan” is being talked about on Linkedln more than anything else on SlideShare right now. So we’ve put it on the SlideShare homepage (in the “Hot on LinkedIn” section).”
On the first 20 hours of its publishing.

4 hours later it was hot on facebook too.


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