Social Media CPP Plan

“Cross Platform Promotion (or CPP) defines the synergetic partnership between social media platforms to bring about the greatest content exposure.”
—Gratton & Gratton

The CPP is the blue print of the Social Media Manager, it contains everything he needs to achieve in a year.

Set up

  • Centralization and optimization of the database.
  • Digital Branding.
  • Creation of the Social Media Ring: RSS & CPP.

Strategy Development

  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Maintain
  • Social media strategies and integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Set goals.

Full Integration.

  • Educate internal teams.
  • Collaborate with internal stakeholders.

Community Engagement.

  • Develop social media community programs.
  • Social media promotional calendar.

Channel Management.

  • Create and ever-evolving social media management standards
  • Policies and rules of engagement guide.
  • Management and Training of “Community Managers”


  • Millstones
  • Metrics


Here is the template that you can use, feel free to download it and adjust it to your own business. If you will like me to review it or comment it with you please contact me



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