Social Media Consultant

As a social media consultant I provided guidance and advice based in my extensive experience, focused on the particular needs of the project.

Business development: Identify and clarify customer requirements for development of new social media offerings, and assessment of the market opportunity.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

Research and validate trends impacting the business offer or demand.

Strategy Consultant:

Create and refine the solution, positioning of social media communication through customer interactions.

Inbound and Integrated Marketing:

Engage with executives to implement the social media: customer service and commercial models.

Social Media Tactical Plan:

Plan and develop the strategy of your business in social media. Example

Social Media CPP Plan:

A Cross Platform Promotion Plan is the implementation of all of your social media needs from zero to 50,000 followers. Example

Social Media Trainer

As a facilitator of social networking courses, I focus on developing the skills of the participants through the adoption and use of innovative social media strategies. I have created and trained this programs.





  • Social Media Anual Plan
  • Integration of the Social Media Mix in to our Marketing Mix

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