How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business by Josh Turner | (free) eBooks

Today I received this email:


Today’s a big day for me, and I’d love for you to be a part of it.

We just launched our first published book on Amazon, “How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business” …..

….And it’s completely FREE on Amazon Kindle for the next 3 days.  (The free offer ends Sunday night at 11:59 PST.)

Download it here. There’s no opt-in, it’s 100% free and just takes 1 click.

EVEN IF YOU DON’T HAVE A KINDLE, you can still get a copy.  Kindle books can be read on your pc, mac, smartphone, tablet, ipad….you name it.  Just use the Kindle App or the Kindle Cloud Reader.

If you need a roadmap for understanding who to target, how to target them, which tactics to focus on first, and how to build a process and system…then this is for you.

If you’d leave a review on Amazon after your download, it would mean the world to me.  And on top of that, we’re planning something really special just for the people that leave reviews.  Shoot me an email letting me know that you left a review, so I can add you to the list.

Click here: “How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Business”

Thank you!!


Josh Turner
Founder of and
2012 Small Business Influencer Award Nominee
Connect with me:

And for my pleasure when i visited the Amazon page I See that the price is $0.00usd or free to download

How to Create a Step-by-Step LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your BusinessI did and let me tell you the book is great, so i followed the second recomendation on the email and write a review:

This book is simply easy to read and to implement. Its 7 steps will lead you to define your best tactics for LinkedIn. It doesn’t take too long to read and I found the Mayor LinkedIn Tactics matrix extremely useful. Thanks Josh Turner for this work. @cristoleon_

In to Amazon.

I hope any one can see this book on time to obtain it for free and share it.

Thanks Josh for your knowledge.


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Ejemplo de una buena conversacion en Twitter @HoracioMarchand | SMO Twitter

Bonus: la pagina web de

Donde les recomiendo mucho las lecturas de su sección eBooks

Marchand, H. (n.d.). Pagina Web. [Web page]. Recuperado el 10 de octubre de 2011 de

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Examples on Twitter for Good Customer Service @socialnerdia | SMO Twitter

Here are some examples of Tweets that demonstrate good communications from the brand and its clients.

Bonus: its book is on Amazon

Contreras, E. (December 31, 2012). Social State: Thoughts, Stats and Stories about the State of Social Media in 2013. [eBook]. Amazon Kindle Ed. Recovered on January 03, 2013 from

Examples on Twitter for Customer Service Crisis | SMO Twitter

Here are some examples of Tweets that demonstrate common misunderstandings or lack of  communications from the brand and its clients.


Links útiles de Twitter: Twitterfall | SMO Twitter

El link:

twitterfall ejemplo

¿Que hace?

R.- Segmenta el contenido de Twitter de acuerdo a tus necesidades o sea te muestra en tiempo real los twitter de una lista. (por ejemplo tu lista de clientes).

O una busqueda en especifico (por ejemplo tu marca), o por geolocalizacion.

¿Observan el potencial de esto…?

R.- Haces estudios de mercado en segundos, obtienes la gente que esta en la zona y lo que estan diciendo pero ademas los puedes comparar o sea pudeo seguir a 3 listas diferentes y participar de las conversaciones generadas en ellas

Sumamente util.


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Reviews on Twitter for Cristo as a Consultant | SMO Consultant

The following is a compilation of the reviews of some clients I consulted on social media.

La navidad es… | Pensamientos

Si tienes tristeza, alégrate:

la Navidad es gozo.

Si tienes enemigos, reconcíliate:

la Navidad es paz.

Si tienes amigos, búscalos:

la Navidad es encuentro.

Si tienes pobres a tu lado, ayúdalos:

la Navidad es dar.

Si tienes soberbia, sepúltala:

la Navidad es humildad.

Si tienes

 Deudas, págalas:

la Navidad es gracia.

Si tienes errores, reflexiona:

la Navidad es verdad.

Si tienes odio, olvídalo:


How to set up a Twitter Promoted Account SMO Experiment | SMO

I decided to run a: “Twitter Promoted Account SMO Experment” thanks to HootSuite and Twitter recognizing me as a Preferred Customer.


Yes I know they got me with a freemium strategy that latter is going to be expensive, but hey $100usd is a great freebie!

Anyway  went and set up a campaign to promote my account on twitter ads.


This is a typical Cost Per Action (CPA), the action being “to follow @cristoleon_“, and starting this little SMO Experiment.

According to Twitter Ads:

I set a per day expense of $3usd my “Add” will be $90usd a month for 30 days, witch in my case is great because a need positioning not awareness.

You may notice they set up a maximum amount to pay (This in fact is your minimum or bottom line). that is how much you’ll pay for ever follower, and they say this will be everything from 24 to 34 new followers per day.

Let’s understand this microeconomy here:

offer demand by cristo leon

My ideal balance is 26 to 32 followers for $2 usd each = 29

There fore I can predict 29 new followers per day at a $2 usd cost = $58usd a day.

Wow i can run out of money in 2 days!!!

That is why it is important to set up a Maximum to spend per day.

I have two options:

  • 50 followers in 1 day = $100 usd ($2usd per follower)
  • 50 followers in 30 days = $100 usd ($2usd per follower)

offer demand days

In this example I want to position my name for one month with the banner of promoted tweet, there fore i set a maximum to spend per day of $3usd In the case a will like to have 50 followers in one day I will put a maximum of $100usd.

What will happen if i double my bet?

Twitter ad is really clear you get an automatic estimate right there.


So the difference is obvious more followers!!!

USD Min Max
 $      3.00 24 34
 $      6.00 33 49

I am starting my test with this numbers

cristo smo

So for my free $100 usd I could expect

  • a minimum increase of 40 followers
  • a maximum increase of 10,000 followers

I like my average of 5,020 impressions (the amount of people that can actually see my brand been promote),  but been realistic a 0.38% of follow is only 19 followers.

End result

40 min + 19 follow rate is a good 59 followers in a month for $100 usd, not bad, not bad at all.

Lets run the experiment and i will let you know the result of it one month from know on january 20 of 2012


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Simplify 360 | App Review

Social media is such an Innovative field that it changes on a day-ly basis, making thinks not so simple to keep up with.

I love to educate my self to achieve simplicity.

I came across Simplify 360, (I love the name, it says it all).

simplify360 cristo leon trial

As they express on its web site: “Simplify360 enables organizations to effectively implement social media concepts in to core business functions. Powered by Simplify360 AnalyticsTM, we extend a sophisticated and user-friendly environment to realize value via actionable intelligence.”.- Simplify 360. (2012).

I came across their ideas thanks to SlideShare where I was searching for a study case on Twitter, and I was surprise to find that Simplify 360 have a presentation on exactly the same case that I was searching for: “How Dell Succeeded on Twitter : A Social Media Case Study”. (I download it 😀 ).

Eventually I was lure into their web page and requested a Demo, for my surprise they answer/contacted me in less than 06 hours with a personalized video conference with Arjun part of their sales team, and here the first tip of this post:

On the costumer service side on social media: the fastest answer is the best one

But in this case it means that they were really listening. Witch can mean: they are a small start up with no so many people communicating with them or they have 1,000 workers listening their channels for them or mmm… Could it be that they have a really smart CRM Analytic solution that does the hard part of searching and filtering communications about your brand on line? mmmm….

At the end I end it up loving the free demo and the Chat with Arjun, they send me their price list (really reasonably priced actually). Even better I obtain a trial of 15 days to play with it.

It is clear that Simplify understands their sales process as Turner, J., Shah, R. (2011 p.47). explain us:

social media busines model

They moved me from Prospect to Conversion in 2 hrs thanks to their understanding of their clients. They know that I had done my homework before even contacting them, I appreciated it.

On the following days I’ll be using their software and evaluate its potential and i will keep you updated.

Thanks for your time.


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Twitter for Small Business | SMO Video

Explanation of Twitter about its promoted service
Introducing Promoted Products for Small Business. Twitter helps you reach more of the right people at the right time.


Twitter. (March 23, 2012). Twitter for Small Business. [Video]. Youtube. Recovered on December 20, 2012 from