As we head into the home stretch at the end of the year, I feel like it’s our last chance to make the best of our business goals come true. You know, the ones which proudly proclaimed that 2012 was going to be your year for a business breakthrough.

Of course, I made the same promises to myself, too. But between a handful of distractions, a head full of ideas and week after week packed with too many things to do, it seems like only a fraction of them actually got scratched off the to-do list. The trouble is, too many of the quickie ideas I came across for “quick cash injections” were unclear, incomplete or just weren’t right for my business.

It’s like there was no real “business sense” behind too many of them.
That’s why I had to listen when Mari Smith mentioned “Crunch Time”, her new 3-hour mega-webinar coming up on Tuesday October 23rd. As one of the top thought leaders in the social media AND business world — the media calls her the premier Facebook marketing expert on the planet — Mari considers it her primary responsibility to show you ways to amplify your marketing results for little or no cost, using the power of social echo.

Fortunately, Mari’s business background is spot-on — and she’s going to be teaching ALL of her best business strategies in front of a live studio audience during the webinar! Believe it or not, it costs nothing to attend… and you’ll be sure to pick up LOADS of detailed, actionable and strategic business tactics that I think she should be charging $500 for (after all, it’s like attending one of her live training events).

Plus, Mari’s going to be conducting LIVE business hotseats, LIVE Q&A sessions and LIVE prize drawings all afternoon… and pulling out all the stops to make sure you get the complete, sound business thinking behind every one of the nuggets she shares . She’s going to be talking about a LOT more than social media…

I don’t know about you, but this is the kind of thing I LOVE to hear of! If you feel the same way, best you register right away and save your seat on Mari’s marathon Crunch Time webinar before it fills up. As far as I know, that’s the only way we’ll get access to the recording afterwards… and I hear there’s even a chance to win a ticket to join her LIVE in San Diego for the broadcast!

Check it out, and let’s get through “Crunch Time” together!


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