Flat Stanley Arc from Xalapa to the world | Flats en Xalapa

Hello, Thanks for hosting our “Flat Stanley Arc.”

Recently our class studied about a boy named Stanley in the book Flat Stanley. After an accident, Stnaley became flat. Because he was flat he could do all kinds of special things. One of the special things Stanley did was travel by post to visit his friend in California.

Our “Flat Stanley Arc” is also on a journey around the world, literally! You can help us by doing the following:

Send a post card: When you receive a Flat person in the mail, read his or her letter and then respond with a post card from your city or country.  Please address the post card to the group the send you the “Flat Stanley Arc” In this way we can keep track of where our flat People are traveling and learn more about the world we live in.

Send pictures of our Flat People visiting your city at cristo.leon.77@gmail.com or by twitter at @cristoleon_ with the hastag #flatsxalapa for easier share. Photos will be share with the students of our school and posted on the school bulletin board, blog, facebook grup “Flats en Xalapa” map and website.

Send the Flat People back: This is very important! After our “Flat Stanley Arc” has reach you, please send them back in a timely manner (within two weeks) You can keep all of the activities, draws, cds and games for your class to use, but we really, really, really will love to have our flat people back, together with the post card and maybe a picture of your class or a Flat Stanley Party (Photos of our flat People with your students and his hers Flat People). If you keep the flat person then we will not be able to send him or her to other destinations and this will be very sad for our students (and also for the flats, they just love to travel). When the flat person returns to us, we will send them to a different place.

So please send A) a post card B) our Flat Person C) some pictures at @cristoleon_ or at the “flats en xalapa group

Special notes:

  • Please keep in mind that our high school students are all learning English as their second language so it is best to use simple English.
  • Some students send two “Flat Person” so you can keep one as a gift, tip they look alike jiji.
  • All of the activities are for you to use and share with your class we hope you have fun with them.
  • In case you are not familiar with the creator of this wonderful idea visit the Flat Stanley Proyect web page with tons of great ideas for you.
  Lic. Cristo León
Facilitador de Inglés
Email: cristo.leon.77@gmail.com Twitter: @cristoleon_ Linked In: Cristo Leon
BBPIN: 24AA8514
Centro de Bachillerato Tecnológico industrial y de servicios No 13 CBTis 13
Villahermosa S/N esq. Miguel Alemán
Col. Ferrocarrilera.
C.P. 91130
Xalapa, Ver., México.


Print this Flat stanley arc_CristoLeon.PDF.

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