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Complete List Of Foursquare Badges

by SCOTT BISHOP on APRIL 18, 2010

Una verdadera joya de SMO aqui la comparto y poco a poco la traducieremos





NEWBIE BADGE Awarded for your very first check-in FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
9 TO 5 BADGE Check-in to the same venue for 15 days out of the last 30  days with a category of Corporate / Office. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
ADVENTURER BADGE Check in to 10 different venues FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
BABY SITTER BADGE Check-in 10 times to venues with athe primary category ofplayground.  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
BAKER’S DOZEN BADGE Check-in to 13 venues labeledBakery.  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
BOOKWORM BADGE 3 different check-ins to venues labeled Library or Book Store. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
BOOKWORM BENDER BADGE Check-in to a college library after midnight. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
CAMPUS EXPLORER BADGE 10 different check-ins to college campus locations (any category under College & Education). FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
CENTURY CLUB BADGE Check-in to the same venue on 100 separate days. (note: cannot be home or office) FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
EXPLORER BADGE Check in to 25 different venues  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SUPERSTAR BADGE Check in to 50 different venues  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
BENDER BADGE Check in 4 nights in a row  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
CRUNKED BADGE Check in 4 times in one night  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
LOCAL BADGE Check in to the same place 3x in the same week  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
SUPER USER BADGE Check in 30 times in the same month  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
PLAYER PLEASE! BADGE Check in with 3 members of the opposite sex  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
SCHOOL NIGHT BADGE Check in after 3am on a school night  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
FAR FAR AWAY BADGE Check in in outside the New York City “boundaries”  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
BROOKLYN 4 LIFE BADGE Check in 25+ times in Brooklyn, New York  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
PHOTOGENIC BADGE Check in 3 times with a venue that’s been tagged having a “photobooth”  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SOCIALITE BADGE Gone, exists no mo. (This badge has now become the Gossip Girl Badge) FOURSQUARE INACTIVE
GOSSIP GIRL BADGE Check into a venue tagged “Gossip girl” (click the link for a full explanation how to unlock)  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
DOUCHEBAG BADGE Unlocked after checking into venues tagged with “douchebag”  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
ANIMAL HOUSE BADGE Unlocked after checking-in to venue labeled “Fraternity” and “College”  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
ZIGGY’S WAGON BADGE Check in with 3 food trucks  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’ BADGE Check in to 3 venues tagged “karaoke” in a month  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
GYM RAT BADGE Check in to a gym 10 times in 30 days  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
OVERSHARE BADGE Check in +10 times in a span of 12 hours  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
TRAINSPOTTER BADGE Check in with the San Fransisco BART 10 times  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
JETSETTER BADGE Check in to 5 different airports  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
16 CANDLES BADGE Send 5 different birthday shout outs  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
ZOETROPE BADGE Have 10 movie theater check ins (can be same theater)  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
PIZZAIOLO BADGE Check in to 20 different pizza places  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
JOBS BADGE Check in to 3 Apple Stores  FOURSQUARE  ACTIVE
WARHOL BADGE Check in to 10 different venues that have been tagged “gallery”  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SLUT BADGE Check-in in to 3 different hotels. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SWARM BADGE Check in a venue with 50+ people have also checked in at the same time  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SUPER SWARM BADGE Check in to a venue with 250 people already checked in FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SUPER DUPER SWARM BADGE Check-in to a venue with 500 people currently checked in. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SUPER MAYOR BADGE Be the current Mayor of 10 venues  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
SWIMMIES BADGE Check-in 5 times to a venue labeledLake/Pond or beach. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
I’M ON A BOAT! BADGE Check in to a venue tagged ‘boat’  FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
VINYL BADGE Check-in 10 times toRecord Shop venues. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
WINO BADGE Check-in 5 times to venues with the primary category Wine Bar. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
YOU’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE BADGE Check-in to any venue in the state of Kansas. Then check-in to any venue outside the state of Kansas. FOURSQUARE ACTIVE
2011 VMA MOONMAN BADGE Follow MTV on foursquare and check-in to a venue labeled withMusic. MTV ACTIVE
30 MINUTES OR LESS BADGE Follow 30 Minutes or Less Movie on foursquare and then check-in to a bank or a pizza restuarant. 30 MINUTES OR LESS MOVIE ACTIVE
5K BADGE Follow Runkeeper on Foursquare and then sync the app to your Foursquare account. RUNKEEPER ACTIVE
AMERICAN RED CROSS BADGE Shout with the words “donation” and “Red Cross” in it. AMERICAN RED CROSS ACTIVE
    BOXEE FAN BADGE You took the L train to Brooklyn to attend a software party! Pretty hardcore  BOXEE Inactive / Retired
BRAVO NEWBIE Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step into the BRAVO world. (It’s not as scary as it sounds!)  BRAVO ACTIVE
FASHIONISTA BADGE You’ve found the key to BRAVO’s Launch My Line insignia. Now, go find us some sales!  BRAVO ACTIVE
FOODIE BADGE You eat the best from hot dogs to haute cuisine. That’s 5 checkins at Zagat Rated spots!  ZAGAT ACTIVE
METRO BADGE Thanks for Waking up with the Metro! You’ve checked in near Metro pickup locations on 3 different mornings! ACTIVE
NY TIMES OLYMPIAN BADE You’ve just checked into a venue recommended by The New York Times during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Go for the gold!
REAL HOUSEWIFE BADGE Way to drink, eat, shop, and spa like a Real Housewife!  BRAVO ACTIVE
ON LOCATION BADGE On Location Get ready for your close up! You’ve just earned the On Location badge by visiting five of Chicago’s iconic movie locations. EXPLORE CHICAGO ACTIVE
THRIVING IRONY BADGE Awarded for checking in to the Thriving Ivory Fillmore Show. (San Francisco)
TOP CHEF BADGE You eat the best from hot dogs to haute cuisine. That’s 5 checkins at Zagat Rated spots!  BRAVO ACTIVE
TRANSIT CHAMPION Check-in on the TransLink (Vancouver only) 9 times. ACTIVE
VALENTINE’S DAY BADGE Follow Valentine’s Day Movie on foursquare. Then check in to two venues listed on their foursquare page.  VALENTINE’S DAY MOVIE INACTIVE
YARD BIRD BADGE Congrats on mastering Harvard Yard on Foursquare! You’re looking (and acting) smarter all the time.
ANDY COHEN BADGE You’re a man/woman about town, hitting up all the right places. And by “right,” we mean a healthy combo of the trendy and the timeless. “Mazel” to you. BRAVO ACTIVE
BANKSY BADGE Check-in to a movie theater that is showing “Exit Through The Gift Shop”. In your shout mention “Banksy”. BANKSY FILMS INACTIVE
BARISTA BADGE Congrats – you’ve checked in at 5 different Starbucks! Be sure to pick up a double tall latte for your friend – I’m sure they’d do the same for you. STARBUCKS INACTIVE
BETTER MAN BADGE Follow AskMen.com on Foursquare, then check-in at 3 venues listed on their foursquare page. ASKMEN.COM ACTIVE
BON APPETIT BADGE You’ve discovered the key to Bon Appetit’s Navigator Badge: Eat well. Travel often. There’s something delicious just around the corner. BON APPETIT ACTIVE
BK ART STAR BADGE Congrats, art star! You’ve just discovered a world of art across the river at the Brooklyn Museum! BROOKLYN MUSEUM ACTIVE
CHICAGO BLUES BADGE Chicago Blues Sweet Home Chicago! You’ve earned a Chicago Blues badge by visiting 5 stops on the History of Chicago Blues Tour (downloadchicagotours.com) EXPLORE CHICAGO ACTIVE
CELERY SALT BADGE Celery Salt Hold the ketchup & drag it through the garden! You’ve earned the Celery Salt badge for visiting 5 places that serve Chicago-style hot dogs! EXPLORE CHICAGO ACTIVE
ELITE SHOPPER BADGE Wow! You’re on a spree! You’ve hit 5 of our favorite boutiques and still going strong. LUCKY MAGAZINE ACTIVE
HISTORIAN BADGE Congrats from History Channel on unlocking America one check-in at a time. Thomas Jefferson would be proud. HISTORY CHANNEL ACTIVE
RIFF RAFFER BADGE Follow The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s Foursquare page. Then check-in to the The Ellen DeGeneres Show venue. THE ELLEN DEGENERES SHOW ACTIVE
ROKER BADGE Check-in to the Today Show Plaza in New York City 3 times before 6:00 am. TODAY SHOW INACTIVE
TIME OUT – BAR HUNTER Follow Time Out Chicago’s foursquare page. Then check-in to 4 venues they recommend on their website. TIME OUT CHICAGO ACTIVE
TIME OUT – HAPPY HOUR Follow Time Out New York’s foursquare page and check-in to 4 venues listed on their foursquare page. TIME OUT NEW YORK ACTIVE
TODAY SHOW NEWBIE BADGE Check in to the TODAY Show plaza in New York City. TODAY SHOW ACTIVE
WINDY CITY BADGE Follow Explore Chicago on foursquare. Then check-in to five venues listed on their page. EXPLORE CHICAGOACTIVE ACTIVE
WSJ BANKER BADGE Follow The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on foursquare. Then check-in three times in the financial district in New York City. WSJ ACTIVE
WSJ LUNCH BOX BADGE Follow The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on foursquare. Then check-in two times at lunchtime to restaurants on the WSJ foursquare page. WSJ ACTIVE
WSJ URBAN ADVENTURER BADGE Follow The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on foursquare. Then check-in to all 5 boroughs in New York City. WSJ ACTIVE


Bishop, S. (18 abril 2010). Complete list of foursquare badges. recuperado el 16 de enero del 2012 de http://realtimemarketer.com/complete-list-of-foursquare-badges-and-how-to-unlock-them/


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