Volcancillo Excursion September 18th | Mexico Abroad Corporation

El Volcancillo (small volcano)

volcancillo 4

Is located 45 minutes outside of Xalapa. It has a cooler climate than Xalapa and is very comfortable for an uphill hike.

 We will start on foot walking thru the small misty farm town of Toxtlacoaya. Entering the base of the once active volcano we will have a pleasant walk thru the forest. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna amongst the lava rocks. As we ascend we will see the changes in the vegetation and the formation of caves. The ascending hike will take approximately 45 minutes. The hike is uphill and will get your blood flowing. The hike can be done by practically all levels of hikers/walkers. It is a moderate level of exercise but done at a leisurely pace. Hikers can take a few photos and enjoy the view. We will take 2 short breaks during the walk up so everyone is in good form. When we reach the top of the crater we will have time to sit, relax and explore. This will allow us to soak in the beautiful surroundings, enjoy a packed lunch, take photos and explore. There are a couple of small caves that can be investigated at the responsibility of the individual. Cave exploration is not a part of the tour but can be done during our resting time on the top of the crater.  Our descending path is a bit shorter and easier than the ascending path with a different perspective of the surrounding.

Meeting point:

We will meet on Sunday, September 18th inside the Caxa bus station at 10:30 a.m.volcancillo 3

I suggest using the bathroom facilities at the bus station being they will be the last “indoor” facility during our trip. The bus ride will take about 45 minutes including stops. We will take the same bus root back to the Caxa bus station. You can call your host family to pick you up (from Caxa) or you can take a taxi or bus to your home or downtown. Taxis from Caxa can be prepaid and shared with a fellow hiker. We will be arriving back at Caxa anywhere between 5 and 7 pm.

What do I bring?

The climate can be cool in Volacancillo. Wear layers to stay comfortable.

T-shirt with long pants and a sweatshirt seems to work best. You must wear comfortable sneakers or hiking boots. The lava rock can be sharp and not safe for sandals or slip on shoes. Be sure to eat a good breakfast before we meet. Bring toilet tissue, a bottle of water and a packed lunch. The last place you can buy drinks and snacks are at the bus station. If you desire to buy items at the bus station; please do so before the group meeting time. Bring a flashlight if you would like to look inside the caves. Bring a backpack or some type of bag to carry your personal items. Every individual will be required to carry their own belongings.

The total cost of this tour is $250. Pesos. This includes the bus fare from Caxa to the volcano and back to Caxa. You are responsible for transportation cost to and from your home from the bus station. We are more than willing to help you with directions and transportation information to and from Caxa.

Feel free to invite friends and family 🙂 The price is the same for all participants. All those who participate are required to be 18 years of age and sign a release form.  Please email us or post on the “signup sheet” a contact number and the names of all attendants in advance. This way we can have the proper number of guides for the tour. You will receive your confirmation and maps once your name appears on the “signup sheet”

We look forward to guiding you on our adventure to Volancillo.

volcancillo 7

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